Private Home Owner- Osterville, MA

Residential Home

“… Our primary purpose in hiring your firm was to assure that we could build a residence that would be aesthetically pleasing. I think the completed structure speaks for itself. It is what we hoped it would be in this respect. We routinely receive unsolicited comments on the attractiveness of the structure and it’s fit into the neighborhood. Accomplishing the fit was no easy feat given the size of the dwelling relative to other structures in the neighborhood…”

“… The design goal we had was to achieve the look of a traditional Cape Cod cottage that might have been added to over time. We also wanted a 3-car attached garage that would add significant mass to the overall structure. The final design was able to accommodate both these goals extremely effectively, both functionally and aesthetically… We enjoyed working with you and the other professionals in your office. Thank you for your work on our behalf…”

Private Home Owner
Osterville, MA