Project: Bank 5 Somerset

Design Overview:

Primary focus of the project originally was to renovate and improve the utilization of the western wing of the Bank5 Somerset building.

The main goal of the office side of the building was to provide the bank with a multiuse space that could support training, disaster recovery, etc. The theme for the space was flexibility.

Beyond the creation of the multiuse space, the bank wanted to have some staff come to this location from the corporate office.


Design & Site Considerations:

A re-designed parking lot layout

Due to the new multiuse space potentially being used as disaster recovery, a new gas generator was added to the scope of work.

A brand new teller line with less stations created space for a new office in the branch.

All light fixtures in both new and existing ceilings were replaced with energy efficient LED lights.

Kitchen layout was completely redesigned to incorporate a seating area for employees adjacent to the large multipurpose room.

We worked with the bank’s furniture vendor to design ‘Dirtt’ (furniture) partitions and furniture systems that match the architectural finishes. All tables in the office side are on casters to allow for flexibility in layout.