Historic & Civic

Project: Crosby Barn

Design Overview

Multiphase Project including Preservation, Restoration, and Rehabilitation of the Existing Crosby Barn Building.

Completed Phase: Historic Preservation of Barn Exterior, Reconstruction of missing cupola structure based on Historic Photographic Documentation. New addition to accommodate future restroom for multipurpose space. New main entry doors and canopy.

Future Phases: To include fit out of the interior space with materials appropriate to historic barn structure, rest room fit out, plumbing for restrooms and kitchenette, new fire sprinkler system, electrical and mechanical system.


Design & Site Considerations

Original Barn (circa 1889) was lifted and lowered onto a new concrete foundation in a previous phase. Wood framed barn was left in poor condition.

Site and Building Design challenge to keep the authentic rural nature of the site and building while opening it to the public.

Interior design of multipurpose space that allows for a variety of uses including reception space and flexible performance space.

Authentic preservation and restoration of exterior elements including historic windows and doors while interfacing with new design elements of the modern entry and restroom addition.